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Privacy Policy



[1] General information

Data protection is important to us and personal data is treated confidentially. In particular, we take into account the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR) and national data protection laws. If we are not contacted, our website is used without providing personal data.

On our website we present our services and give interested users the opportunity to contact us. Our website does not use cookies, website analysis and marketing services. We do not retrieve the data collected by our web host.

SSL encoding

For the protection and security of the data transmitted by our visitors when using the contact form, we use SSL encryption. If "https://" and a lock symbol appear in the address line of the browser, the transmitted data cannot be read by third parties.

 [2] Name and contact details of the responsible person

This data protection information applies to data processing by:


Evelyn Bieg


Greppstr. 64

52159 Roetgen

North Rhine Westphalia



It is not necessary to appoint a company data protection officer.


[3] Collection of data and purposes of use

Collected data:

- contact details (name, e-mail, telephone number, address if applicable)

- transmitted contents such as photos or texts


Purpose of use:

- the data transmitted by you will be used exclusively for the processing of inquiries and orders


Persons concerned:

- visitors of this website, in particular users of the contact form


By contacting us via the contact form or directly via the specified address/email address, you agree that we may store the contact data you have provided in order to use it for processing your enquiry or your order.

In addition, the web host of this website (Strato) collects so-called log data, the customer domain, the anonymized client IP, timestamp, request line, status code and size of the response body and user agent sent by the client ( Non-anonymized IP addresses are stored for a maximum of 7 days, access logs with anonymized IP addresses are available for download for 8 weeks. These data are not retrieved by the owner of the site.


[4] Disclosure of data

A transmission of personal data of the users of this website to third parties only takes place if

- you have expressed your consent,

- there is a legal obligation to do so,

- this is necessary for the fulfilment of an order placed by you.


[5] Right of affected parties and right of appeal

You may object to the use and storage of your data in accordance with Art. 21 GDPR. If you wish to exercise this right, please send an e-mail to .

You also have the right to obtain information about your data stored by us and to correct incorrect personal data.


[6] Data security / data processing

The entire data processing of this website is carried out by the web host Strato. Your data should be protected in the best possible way, therefore this site does not use cookies and does not include third party sources or JavaScript. In addition, data transmission is encrypted.


[7] Links to other websites

When calling up an external link on our site (external website), the external provider may receive information from your browser about the website from which you came to it. We would like to point out that the external provider is solely responsible for this data. We cannot influence this process.


[8] Up-to-dateness and amendment of this data protection declaration

This data protection declaration is currently valid and has the status as of June 2018.

Due to changes to the website or changed legal requirements, it may be necessary to revise and amend this data protection declaration. The current version will then be made available on this website and can be called up under the link and printed out.